Children’s books by Maren

I am working on writing and illustrating several children’s books.

Daphne and Redthorn

I fell in love with yaks when I was visiting Langtang and Kyanjen, in Nepal.


The story of Daphne and Redthorn was conceived during the happy hours I spent sitting amongst them sketching while they grazed. Here are two of the pictures, of Daphne and Redthorn on the mountain.
Daphne sees Redthorn on the slope above her Redthorn

 Bunny Overboard!

Bunny Overboard is set in Canberra. Here’s the title page image:


I recently shared the story with my children’s writers group, and I have some changes to incorporate thanks to their helpful comments.

Mouse and Egg

Mouse and Egg is a story about – you guessed it – a mouse and a boiled egg. This will be published as an ebook, and I am writing posts to describe the process, from writing and illustrating to converting to electronic files and uploading to Amazon and SmashWords. These posts are tagged ‘Mouse and Egg’. I also publish information about the process of publishing ebooks on my StarBytes Press site.

mouse and egg hide from the owl

“Owl!” yelled Mouse, and they ran and hid in a tree.


Here is some of my work from a class held by Franki Sparke about illustrating children’s books, at the School of Art in Canberra. Can you guess what story we were illustrating???