Is oil painting easier?

I've used ink, watercolour, collage, pastel and relief printing, and have always heard that oil painting is easier than any of these. But the cleanup, the smell and the waiting time for the paint to dry has always put me off. On the other hand, the effort and expense of framing artwork made me think… Continue reading Is oil painting easier?


Painting a backdrop for a model train layout

Train in front of a backdrop of a river and a cloudy sky

My first oil painting was an attempt at painting a backdrop for a very short section of rail that our model trains run on while they are being built and tested. The track sits on a desk about 1.5 metres wide and 1 metre deep.I was quite pleased with the painting but when we put… Continue reading Painting a backdrop for a model train layout

Sketching at the zoo

koala eating gumleaves

I spent an afternoon at the zoo yesterday. A weekday, and windy with a chance of rain, so very few visitors were there and the animals were relatively frisky. I took a stool - not used, as every place I wanted to sketch from had a wall or (in the case of fairy penguins) I… Continue reading Sketching at the zoo

Los Angeles sketchbook

In December 2011 I spent two days sketching in Los Angeles. First, in San Juan Capistrano, sketching the mission. Here's one of the sketches: Next I went to Pasadena. I lived in Altadena (just up the hill from Pasadena) for several years and there are many beautiful buildings in Pasadena that I wanted to revisit,… Continue reading Los Angeles sketchbook